To support Hollygrove’s therapeutic after school program, “Endless Summer,” healthy lifestyle program consisting of exercise and nutrition, the “Giving Garden” was created this February to provide awareness and hands on learning of proper nutrition and where our food comes from.

Designed and developed by Kelly Emberg, the garden was created to raise awareness about proper nutrition, as well as where food comes from.

Photo Credit: Jody Lynn

Photo Credit: Jody Lynn 

Two world-renowned artists, Zhenya and Hieronymus, came together in a collaborative effort to support the children in crisis and their families served by Hollygrove. The artists, while extremely different in style and technique, came together to donate their time and talent to the garden. Zhenya, a classical and traditionally trained artist whom mostly works on canvas and paper, using primarily oils, is a figurative artist who frequently incorporates personal memories, as well as those of her subjects, into her work. Hieronymus, on the other hand, is an abstract mural artist and has created works, which often exude elements of graffiti, on walls across the U.S. that tell a variety of stories.

A mural by Hieronymus.

A mural by Hieronymus.

To debut the “Giving Garden” at Hollygrove, longtime supporter of Hollygrove, Diane Ladd, read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree aloud to the “Endless Summer” students in the middle of the garden on the Hollygrove campus.

Diane Ladd reading "The Giving Tree" to children.

Diane Ladd reading “The Giving Tree” to children.

On March 18, 2014, the Norma Jean Gala was held at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, CA. Supporting Hollygrove’s therapeutic after school program, “Endless Summer,” which emphasizes creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by implementing exercise and nutritional programs into the children’s daily routines, the “Giving Garden” was featured at the event.

A picture of the "Giving Garden."

A picture of the “Giving Garden.”


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