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This past weekend, country singer Cassadee Pope posted pictures of herself wearing clothing brand, Chloe Oliver, to her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook reaching her 1+ million fans. A little bit about the brand: Chloe Oliver is a line geared toward a girl with a curated appreciation for vintage, a hereditary understanding of the classics, and an incessant pursuit to push all boundaries.  The brand seeks to provide women with go-to statement pieces that are as wearable as they are irreplaceable and is comprised of pieces for the girl next door, the vixen, and for the girl with a refrigerator stocked only with champagne. “Sound checking for the Party For a Cause show ...Read More
It’s here! The first ever scented smartphone game is finally here! Pop Secret recently launched a mobile game that does not only engage your hearing, sight, and taste, but your smell as well! This one-of-a-kind game, called Poptopia, allows players to experience the smell of buttered, freshly-popped popcorn. The aim of the game is to feed “The Almighty Mouth” as many popped kernels as possible; when gamers successfully swipe the butter, the Pop Dongle releases a scented spritz. Technically speaking, this scent is released via the dongle, which is plugs into the phone’s audio jack, through a sub-audible frequency that tells the dongle to emit the smell. Unfortunately, the Pop Dongle is ...Read More
Recently, LOFTMKT booked event designer and TV personality, Kristin Banta, as a weekly wedding expert on Hallmark’s “Home & Family.” Kristin Banta and Elizabeth Rosenberg Kristin Banta is an event planner who mainly specializes in weddings. She has an “extensive background in fashion, entertainment, and event production, as well as experience in catering and interior design.” She is known as an advocate for marriage equality, believing that all of her clients should “find their own voice for their wedding day.” She works with extremely diverse clientele, yet is still able to create “unforgettable celebrations while bringing a fresh perspective to the mix.” On the show, Kirstin helped newly engaged couple, Charlie Bontempo and ...Read More
I recently was sent an article called “11 Reasons Why a 23-year-old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media.” I have told my clients this dozens of times, but was thrilled to see something in writing in one of my favorite business outlets. But, one thing I believe in is that there is a sweet spot for a social media guru. This means that while a 23-year-old isn’t your best bet, most 45+ year-olds aren’t either. I’m going to start off with my favorite quote from the article, “Just because you don’t understand social media doesn’t mean you should forfeit all common sense and hire your niece, nephew, or any other recent college ...Read More
This summer I had the opportunity to speak at the OSIP Conference in Las Vegas about social networking. They were kind enough to ask me to follow up my presentation with an article in their November newsletter. For those of you who missed it, here are some of my favorite tips to keep you twitter-tastic in 2010. Officially social media is “an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.” ( In our terms? It’s a place on the Internet where you can interact with your friends, fans and customers through updates, pictures, videos and more. Need just one ...Read More