From watching outdoor movie screenings while sampling some of L.A.’s best food truck eats to listening to up-and-coming music artists, Street Food Cinema is a summer series you don’t want to miss.

Every Saturday from Memorial Day through Halloween in 2013, Angelenos flocked to Exposition Park to attend the weekly event and discover everything Street Food Cinema has to offer.  $10 will buy you a ticket ($15 for reserved seating), but feel free to bring more as LA food truck fan favorites like the Grilled Cheese Truck, Seoul Sausage, and Downtown Dogs are often in attendance. The movie line-up is always amazing; flicks like Rock Horror Picture Show, Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, Silver Linings Playbook, and The Breakfast Club were all featured this past summer. The music performances are curated by The Viper Room, which promises you good music and a great time.  Don’t forget to arrive early for the audience participation contest where moviegoers can win everything from free tickets to gas cards.

Street Food Cinema 2013 - Exposition Park

Street Food Cinema 2013 – Exposition Park

California Dogtown Dog at Street Food Cinema 2013.

California Dogtown Dog at Street Food Cinema 2013.

You gotta "hands" up heeey, heey... Pitch Perfect screening at Street Food Cinema 2013.

You gotta “hands” up heeey, heey… Pitch Perfect screening at Street Food Cinema 2013.

Although the schedule has yet to be announced for 2014, there is no doubt this summer will be jam packed with fun as well.  Whether you are looking for a night out with your friends, family, or significant other, or are just simply feeling single (and ready to mingle), make sure to head on over to the canine-friendly Street Food Cinema.

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It’s here! The first ever scented smartphone game is finally here! Pop Secret recently launched a mobile game that does not only engage your hearing, sight, and taste, but your smell as well!

This one-of-a-kind game, called Poptopia, allows players to experience the smell of buttered, freshly-popped popcorn. The aim of the game is to feed “The Almighty Mouth” as many popped kernels as possible; when gamers successfully swipe the butter, the Pop Dongle releases a scented spritz. Technically speaking, this scent is released via the dongle, which is plugs into the phone’s audio jack, through a sub-audible frequency that tells the dongle to emit the smell.

Unfortunately, the Pop Dongle is limited in quantity, with only three limited edition collections having been auctioned off on eBay. On the bright side, however, all of the auction proceeds went to the American Red Cross. Although this nifty gadget is not yet available to the public, anyone with an iPhone can play Pop Secret’s mobile game, Poptopia, simply by downloading it free from the app store.

The first-ever scented mobile video game has been featured worldwide on a multitude of media platforms. Some of the biggest hits featuring the Pop Dongle are covered by USA Today, the Associated Press (AP), and tech guru David Pogue.

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Recently, LOFTMKT booked event designer and TV personality, Kristin Banta, as a weekly wedding expert on Hallmark’s “Home & Family.”

Kristin Banta and Elizabeth Rosenberg

Kristin Banta and Elizabeth Rosenberg

Kristin Banta is an event planner who mainly specializes in weddings. She has an “extensive background in fashion, entertainment, and event production, as well as experience in catering and interior design.” She is known as an advocate for marriage equality, believing that all of her clients should “find their own voice for their wedding day.” She works with extremely diverse clientele, yet is still able to create “unforgettable celebrations while bringing a fresh perspective to the mix.”

On the show, Kirstin helped newly engaged couple, Charlie Bontempo and Gabi Kiss, on all aspects of their “Home & Family Wedding.”

Some highlights from the show as Kristin prepared Charlie and Gaby for their big day include:

LOFTMKT even helped one of the couple’s wedding dreams come true by helping secure country singer, Greg Bates, to serenade them for their first dance.

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