President & Creative Strategist


Born in Pasadena, California. Comes into the world one minute after twin sister. Vows never to be second at anything again.


Starts kindergarten and quickly realizes that school is not only about learning, but about socializing, too.


Wins 1st grade penmanship award. A career in writing seems inevitable.


Celebrates 8th birthday by taking a small group of friends to a taping of “Family Ties” at Paramount Studios. Falls in love with Michael J. Fox (aka. Alex. P. Keaton) and thinks that a career in entertainment might be a good thing.


Puts aside dreams of the entertainment industry and instead, gets started on career a in publicity by securing Kevin Costner (post Academy Award) to speak to her 8th grade class of 300 about a book they recently read called Dances With Wolves. Promises Costner family a year of free babysitting in exchange. Fortunately, the Costner family forgets all about the “free” part.


Graduates from high school and decides to go to the University of California at Davis, ostensibly to carry on the Aggie tradition in her family, but in reality, to put a little distance between herself and Los Angeles.


Interns at 100.5 fm, The Zone, in Sacramento, California. Loves the idea of working with music.


Interns at Fleishman Hillard in Sacramento. Works on the CA state energy crisis, Mervyns and Yahoo! Personals. Realizes she’s found her professional calling and briefly entertains the idea of staying in Sacramento after college.


Graduates from the University of California at Davis with a BA in English and minor in Art Studio. PR market in Northern California is overcrowded as a result of dot-com bust. Moves back to Los Angeles.


Begins working at Bragman Nyman Cafarelli in Beverly Hills and after all these years, dips her toe back into the entertainment industry by joining the corporate entertainment PR division. Works on Sony PlayStation and Paramount Home Entertainment accounts.


Runs Jordan Love Truck mobile marketing tour. Sees 15 cities in four months and media trains NBA superstars.


Wins Declare Yourself account with team. Has the opportunity to work directly with Declare Yourself founder and world famous producer, Norman Lear.


Election year. Declare Yourself wins the PRSA Silver Anvil “Best Public Relations Campaign of the Year.”


Gets exciting offer to relocate to San Francisco to work for Weber Shandwick and help grow the consumer division. Having spent a lot of time in The City, it feels like home.


Works on the Clorox account and plans and executes several cause-related initiatives for the company. Also walks the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Falls back in love with the nonprofit world.


Timing is everything! Realizes “home” really is LA and gets recruited to work in-house at Declare Yourself.


As the Declare Yourself campaign winds down, gets another amazing opportunity and jumps at the chance to work in marketing and publicity at Epic Records.


Ok, so the music business in the digital age wasn’t the best opportunity, but is the push needed to launch LOFT Marketing & Communications to the world.


Realizes it wasn’t the best idea to start a business during the recession, but loves every minute of it while learning the dos and don’ts of a small business owner daily. LOFT Marketing & Communications takes this year to tackle social media and launches a brand new website, Facebook page and Twitter account. PR is changing and LOFT is changing with it.


LOFT Marketing & Communications now has an office in Manhattan Beach and continues to thrive with clients like the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY), Save the ta-tas®, ReachOut and Inspire U.S.A, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Blee Inara, and more.


LOFT represents the first ever ACM EXPERIENCE tying together love for music, food and everything “Country” in Las Vegas. Helps Hollygrove celebrate their 100 Anniversary in Hollywood with a star-studded event hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, Busy Phillips, Mary McCormack, and Rob Reiner. Works with clients in food, nonprofit, fashion, accessories, music and more. The sky’s the limit.


LOFT, now known by many as LOFTMKT, is ready for rebranding! After a successful year securing major media placements for Super Bowl commercials and Dr Pepper (just to name a few!), LOFT introduces a new logo and website to the world in November.